What to do in Lima - for free!

Here are a few FREE suggestions on how to have a great time in Lima, without opening your wallet! (Well maybe for a few cheeky drinks)

3 Tasy Eats in Lima

Lima has an enormous amount of delicious restaurants to choose from, but we believe that there are a few places that stand out from the crowd. When visiting these popular spots you can expect a full dining room or even a line out the door, but trust us it will be worth the wait! Each spot is only a 15 minute taxi ride from Pariwana, buen provecho!

Bohemian Barranco: What to do in a wonderful district

Whilst our very long extended stay in Lima, Barranco became one of our favourite spots. This beautiful, bohemian district of the city is full of life and colour. Riddled with hipster bars and cafes there is always somewhere exciting to eat and drink.

5 Things to Experience at Lake Titicaca

If you’re looking for culture-rich destinations in Peru, there are two spots you can’t miss: Cusco and Lake Titicaca. A popular combination for travelers to the country, visiting them both gives a great look into two very different sides of Peruvian culture, tradition and history.