"At Pariwana Hostels, our purpose goes beyond providing simple accommodation; we strive to be the spark that ignites unforgettable experiences for the young traveler. As a team, we are committed to being more than just hosts; we are creators of meaningful moments. Each hostel is the epicenter of adventures, the platform where encounters turn into stories, and where every experience becomes an unforgettable memory for our travelers."


"We are a hostel chain that offers a quality experience, seeking to exceed the modern traveler’s expectations through our host spirit, talent development and constant improvement."


"To be the best intercultural experience for modern travelers in Latin America sharing the richness of local flavor."


1. We are hosts
Travelers are welcome to our home. Their good comments motivate us.

2. We commit and do
We accomplish our goals. These are ambitious, makeable, flexible, agile and measurable.

3. We are a great team
We achieve more as a united family. A good communication connects us.

4. We grow together
We promote and support the professional and personal development. Feedback helps us to grow.

5. We live in values
Respect, friendship, loyalty, perseverance and tolerance are the most important values we promote. We are upright in everything we do.

6. We provide quality
Excellence, consistency and attention to details are the pillars of our success.

7. We innovate us
We are constantly improving. Technology drives us.


The idea of creating Pariwana Hostels started in 2008, when 3 peruvian entrepreneurs with international experience in different fields (hospitality, tourism, marketing and finance) identified an opportunity in the market: the increase of the young travelers’ tourism in Peru and in the world. This opportunity gave the option to create a hostel chain where we could offer the modern travelers a quality experience based on a local approach.

In July 2009, Pariwana opened its first local in Lima with less than 80 beds and, 3 months later, opened the hostel in Cusco with 100 beds approximately. Year by year, the company continued to grow, increasing the number of beds and improving its standards and processes. In march 2019, Pariwana opened its third hostel in Santiago de Chile, becoming the first Peruvian hotel chain to operate abroad. With this new hostel, Pariwana has nowadays more than 500 available beds.

The strategy was defined since the beginning: Offer Quality. To accomplish this, Pariwana was based in three main pillars: constant improvement, talent development and innovation. Thanks to the quality offered, Pariwana was able to differentiate from its competitors and has obtained several international awards.

Now, Pariwana keeps exploring options to grow in the region, seeking to become the main hostel chain in Latin America.

What’s “PARIWANA”?

Pariwana is the quechua name (native language in the Andes) of the andean flamingo. This bird, like our guests, travel all over South America, crossing beaches, mountains and the jungle from countries like Peru, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia.