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Hostel Lima 221 x 147


Av. José Larco 189, Miraflores
T: +51 (1) 242-4350

Hostel Cusco Pariwana 221x147


Av. Mesón de la Estrella 136
T: +51 (84) 233-751


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The Peruvian Public Transportation – Using Collectivos

Many cities in Peru may lack a centralized public transit system with underground trains and covered bus stops, but to say that any city of size doesn’t have a public transit system at all would be a mistake. 

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Mancora beach – Backpacker hot spot

Say the word beach in Peru and immediately the name Mancora will fall. Mancora is known for its waves and gorgeous beaches and is located some 1200 kilometers north of capital Lima. A bus from Lima will take you around 16 hours and cost between 120-180 soles aprox.

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The Beautiful Mancora Beaches - Pariwana-hostel-01

The Beautiful Mancora Beaches

Sitting in the north of the country not far from the border with Ecuador sits a beautiful beach town that every backpacker will eventually want to visit. Perhaps it’s because the chill of the mountains or the stiff heat of the jungle has pleased you plenty, and you want a relaxing break under a tropical sun with a breeze. So, it’s off to Mancora for you.

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Lima Best tips for backpackers

The modern cosmopolitan Lima proudly shows itself along robust cliffs and a rough coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Under a nice mild climate with sunny summers, Lima is becoming the new must-see stop for all backpackers.

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The Peruvian Ancestral Cuisine

You are backpacking around Peru to see it all; the ruins, the culture, and above all the food! You’ll have to read up before you set out in order not to miss the specialties.

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Lima’s Markets

The price of food in Lima is much greater than elsewhere in the country because the city’s cost of living is much higher. Although the quaint markets of the Sierra villages offer the atmospheric prestige, Lima offers the same stuff. You can find most everything in the capital.

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