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Hostel Lima 221 x 147


Av. José Larco 189, Miraflores
T: +51 (1) 242-4350

Hostel Cusco Pariwana 221x147


Av. Mesón de la Estrella 136
T: +51 (84) 233-751


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Huaraz & Beautiful Lake Churup

Welcome to the “Switzerland of the South”. The natural offerings around Huaraz are magnificent. Every backpacker needs to make their way there to see at least one of the surrounding sites.

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A Bit of Covert Campaign in Carhuaz

The drive from Huaraz through the Callejon de Huaylas valley is pleasingly picturesque. The white-peaked Cordillera Blanca to the east parallels the drastic black hills of the Cordillera Negra to the west, and your road skims between them in the low valley.

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Pucallpa – Finally, The Amazon!

You’re finally here! The Amazon rainforest! Perhaps it’s not quite what you expected. In fact, it looks an awful lot like a giant city filled to the brim with mototaxis.

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Packing for it all – Climates of Peru

Peru’s climates vary to the extremes. From the northwestern coast’s sun-pounding humid heat to the freezing cold found at Lake Titicaca, travellers will encounter all forms of air and temperature.

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Amazon Legends

Over the years since the Amazon Basin has been developed, it has mixed indigenous lore with that of settlers and developed its own rich frontier culture.

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Mistura – The largest food fair in Latin America

Maybe you’ve already heard that Peru is South America’s gastronomic marvel. Indeed, Peru boasts some of the most diverse food in the whole world.

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