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Hostel Lima 221 x 147


Av. José Larco 189, Miraflores
T: +51 (1) 242-4350

Hostel Cusco Pariwana 221x147


Av. Mesón de la Estrella 136
T: +51 (84) 233-751


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Ecuador – Peru’s Northern Neighbor

Ecuador! Ecuador is Peru’s northern neighbor, and tempts all the backpackers with luxuries and surprises of its own. If you have the time, Ecuador is not only worth it, it deserves it! From Peru you’ll probably enter from Tumbes.

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Feliz Patrias in Arequipa

Arequipa is an old place that holds close to its Spanish roots.It’s a city in a valley with three massive volcanoes (Misti, Chachani & Picchu Picchu) that have been the focus of folklore and tribal wanderings across cultures past and present.

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Green Toad Bus Passes

Local transport in Peru is a great way to backpack around Peru, and the Green Toad Buss Passes make it safe, easy & fun!

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Puerto Maldonado – Capital of Biodiversity

Puerto Maldonado is the gateway to jungle gems like Tambopata National Reserve and Lago Sandoval, but most people pass through in a hurry, never getting the hang of the town and hating every minute of it.

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Pariwana hostel Lima

In active Lima you can find our trendy backpacker hostel right in the epicentre of very safe Miraflores, The hot-spot where everything happens in Lima.

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Pariwana hostel Cusco

Our hostel in Cusco your main stop to travel to Machu Picchu and well deserved one of the highest rated hostels in entire South America by the world’s main hostel booking sites.

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