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Hostel Lima 221 x 147


Av. José Larco 189, Miraflores
T: +51 (1) 242-4350

Hostel Cusco Pariwana 221x147


Av. Mesón de la Estrella 136
T: +51 (84) 233-751


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Pariwana Hostels – Top 20th World Best Hostels 2016 by Hostelworld

Pariwana Hostels, a Hostels chain which operates more than 300 beds in Peru, It has been recognized through its operation in Cusco, within 20 World’s Best Large Hostels (hostels with more than 150 beds) by

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Mancora and its delicious seafood

Ok, so you’ve finally found your way to the beach party capital of Peru, Mancora. That’s all well and good, but this article won’t bore you with specific options for restaurants.

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Machu Pichu, memories of a great journey – Part 1: Booking and prepare

We booked our Machu Picchu hike a month prior to our trip through a company called Llama Path. We thought that would be plenty of time to reserve our space but the Inca Trial was full so we had the option of doing several alternative treks.

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Machu Pichu, memories of a great journey – Part 2: The experience

The hike was moderate to advance but you can go at your own pace. We had 6 people in our group, 3 of who are experienced hikers and went at a brisk pace while the other 2 kept a more casual pace and took time to snap lots of photos.

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Visit to the Moray Inca Ruins

As if the area around Cuzco didn’t have enough ruins already, backpackers will be overwhelmed, perhaps, when they learn of one more. They’re all worth the muscle to get to them, but the real question is why you should want to visit each individual one? Well, welcome to the Moray Inca Ruins.

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The Amazing Desert Coast of Peru

South of Lima you will find the amazing Desert Coast of Peru, existing out of some great mystical sights. The mysterious Nazca Lines are probably the most known site, existing out of a series of giant ancient symbols that can only be seen from high up in an airplane.

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