Stay safe, stay in Pariwana

Due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 and thinking about the health of our guests and staff, we have adopted biosecurity and control measures that are aligned with the standards established by the authorities.

During all these months we have been working hand in hand with health specialists to train our team. Seeking to offer you a safer experience, without neglecting the quality of service characteristic of Pariwana Hostels.

Improved Security Protocols

We have adapted our cleaning protocols to guarantee your safety during your stay with us.

Our staff is trained to operate in accordance with all health and safety protocols related to COVID-19, to keep you even safer while traveling. Regardless of your query, we are fully prepared to assist you with any health, safety and hygiene issue.
In application of the measures established by the health authorities, cleaning services will be suspended. However, if your stay is 5 days or more, you will be given a fresh set of bed sheets so that you can change them. Cleaning staff will use Personal Protective Equipment at all times.
We are disinfecting all shared and work areas. We will emphasize high contact points such us switches, handrails, door handles, locks, faucets and surfaces.
We have reduced the capacity of each hostel to guarantee adequate social distancing.
All of our cleaning and disinfecting products have the certificates required by the Peruvian Government.

A Contactless Check-in Process

This is what we are doing to minimize any unnecessary physical contact from the moment you arrive.

In accordance with government guidelines, every person who enters the hostel must disinfect footwear, measure the temperature, disinfect clothings, personal items, and hands.
We only require guests to sign forms when absolutely necessary. The forms will be provided to you on a previously disinfected board so that you can sign them, respecting the corresponding distance. The disinfected key will be given to you in a small tray and the bracelet will be placed on you following the distancing and disinfection protocols.
We are limiting the use of cash in our hostels. Any transaction made will be charged to an account so that you can pay it via credit card or bank transfer prior to check out.
Don’t wait in line at the reception if you don’t have in order to comply with the social distancing requirement. Whatever your requests are, you can ask one of our friendly staff by WhatsApp. At the check-in process, we will provide you with a WhatsApp number where you can communicate with our staff throughout your stay with us. Let’s be smart and be safe!!!

Our rooms

We have implemented new measures to ensure that you rest with the peace of mind of knowing you are staying in a biosecure place.

We have made some changes to our bedrooms to meet the recommended 6-foot (2 meter) social distancing. This is how:

Our 4-bed dorms now accommodate 2-4 people in the same travel group.

Our 6 bed dorms now accommodate 2 people. Only one bed will be used in each bunk to ensure adequate social distancing.

Our dorms with more than 8 beds have been reduced to 50% of their capacity and will only receive families or groups traveling together.

You will find hand sanitizer in strategic points at each hostel as well as inside the rooms. You will have to constantly disinfect your hands.
Shared toilets, faucets and sinks will undergo complete disinfection (with special attention to high contact points).

Common Areas

We want you to continue enjoying the wonderful experience of staying in a hostel, that is why we have implemented these measures in our common areas.

We have increased the frecuency of our cleaning routines in all common areas.
Multiple disinfection stations are available in all common areas.

Food and Drinks

Meals and drinks will be served in the restaurant, taking the corresponding sanitary measures.

Our restaurants will be operating at 50% of their capacity to guarantee mandatory social distancing.
Our tables will be 6 feet (2 meters) from each other.
We say goodbye to physical menus and instead, you will see our detailed menu on the restaurant's blackboards. The bartender will take your order and notify you when it is ready so you can pick it up.
You will have the option to pay for your meals using a cashless payment method.
As always, all kitchen staff will wear masks and gloves and the correct PPE, and wash their hands once an hour.

Our Team

Our team will do everything in their power to help keep you safe while traveling. We are conducting constant training with health professionals. Likewise, our team periodically performs Covid-19 discard tests.

These are the changes we have made to their daily routine:

We have implemented temperature controls for our staff at the beginning of each shift.
All of our staff will wear protective gloves and masks at all times.
All of our staff will have designated breaks to wash their hands and eradicate the spread of germs.
All equipment (including cleaning and maintenance materials) will be cleaned before and after each shift.
We are avoiding handling cash at all costs, however if a guest needs to pay cash, our staff will sanitize their hands before and after the procedure.

Keep in mind: our new protocols are re-evaluated daily according to the Peruvian government guidelines. We are fully prepared to adapt our protocols permanently.