The old Ruins of Pachacamac

If you are staying at Pariwana Hostel Lima, one of the most interesting places to visit in the area is Pachacamac. You can get here by catching a bus from central Lima, which is a cheaper option than taking a private tour.

However, as the site is in a hot area surrounded by sand dunes, don't forget the sun cream and hat for this trip!

Pre-dating the famous Inca ruins in the area, this site was built in homage to the god Pachacamac, who was believed to becreator of the world. The temple here originally housed a wooden idol. There is a small museum here telling the story of the site and featuring relics found in the area.


Peru's coast is rich in historical sights, and Planet Cruise says that its many misty ruins, including the world-famous Machu Picchu, are a must to see. Pachacamac might be less well-known, but in a spectacular setting, with its ocean backdrop, so remember to take your camera.

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The size of the site is huge, so, if you are able to take a ride round it in a car, that might be easier than trekking. Because there is such a friendly atmosphere at the hostel, you will meet fellow-backpackers there who share your interests, making it easy to arrange trips together and book a tour if you choose. The expert staff can also give advice.

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