Trekking in Ancash

From Huaraz, there are many treks to consider, such as the Churup Lagoon. Visitors might opt to head north through the Callejon de Huaylas to Caraz to see Laguna de Paron, or perhaps they’ll opt for the drive across the park to pass the Lagunas Llanganuco.

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Shouldering that backpack and boarding a minivan bound for your trailhead is probably one of the more exciting feelings in outdoor adventure traveling. You’re soon to learn that Peru outdoor adventures are among the best.


Not far from Huaraz is where you’ll find the first good backpacker trek. The trek takes you on a day-hike to the Laguna 69. You’ll have to wake early in the morning to catch the minivan that takes you on a three hour drive to the trailhead 3,900 meters above sea level. The hike will take you up through an astounding canyon, where vistas of glacial waterfalls and rocky precipices make for the perfect Kodak moment. Your reward is an awesome glacial blue lagoon that twinkles under the sun.


Once you’ve gotten used to the high altitude, you should want to undertake a more rigorous trekking experience from Huaraz. Your hostel or tour operator can help you to figure out how to organize a trip along the most popular route, the Santa Cruz trek. It’s a four day hike that takes you into the beautiful Huascaran National Park, its trail guiding you through gentle highland meadows and rocky alpine canyons. Eventually it summits at the 4760 meter Punta Union pass. Glacial lakes and rivers provide the sound track to this particular Peruvian expedition. And to think, you were in Lima or Cuzco just a few days before.


A famous mountaineer once called Alpamayo, one of the peaks you’ll behold along the Santa Cruz trail, the most beautiful mountain in the world. You’ll want to appreciate the marvel of the Huascaran Park without hassle, so be sure to register and pay for your days and obligatory guide in Huaraz. You’ll arrive to the trailhead at Cashapampa after a 2 hour drive to Caraz from Huaraz, and a 10 sol hour and a half ride from Caraz.


Finally, for those with more time and deeper pockets, there are the Huayhuash trekking opportunities. The Huayhuash mountain range stands apart from the Huascaran National Park’s Cordillera Blanca. This smaller range boasts views that are considered by some the second best in the world after the Himalayas. Treks usually last 8 days, and backpackers will have to pay for their gear, the guide, the transportation to the trailhead at Llamac, the entry fee and the various fees in villages along the way.