Best Tips on Travel in Cusco

Cusco is the most visited cities in Peru, and one of the most visited in the entire of the continent. As such, it has a lot of transportation options to choose from. Peru does not have the best domestic travel services, but the system is quite functional.

You can travel on the cheap, or opt for something a bit more luxurious. It all depends on how backpacker you intend to be. Pariwana Cusco hostel can give you the low-down on the transport options available to you, but this article offers some hints to get you ready.


For off, the small airport in Cusco is one of the most transited in the country. Multiple flights travel to and from Lima and Arequipa daily, and also to several jungle cities like Iquitos. If you choose to fly, you might want to look at the weather report. Flights get cancelled more often than not, and it could put a dent in your plans. The airport is tiny but well set-up, with restaurants and clean facilities to handle the hordes of travellers coming in.

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You can get to Lima for as low as 70 bucks, perhaps on Star Peru, which is most often considered the cheaper option among the domestic carriers. There is also Lan Peru, Taca and peruvian airlines. Once at the Cusco airport, you should take a taxi to the Plaza de Armas, but don’t let the taxi drivers trick you into paying 30 soles for a ride, it should cost no more than 7!


Otherwise, a more sure way to arrive to Cusco from Lima or vise-versa is to travel by bus. There are many carriers, and some have their own terminals. However, you’ll be happy to know that the Terminal Terrestre is the main hub for several companies that offer daily service to the main Peruvian travel hubs. The terminal is about 15 minutes walking down the Avenida del Sol, the avenue not 3 blocks from Pariwana Cusco.

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Lima is about 24 hours away, Nazca is 15 hours, Arequipa is 10 hours away, and Puno is around 7 hours. Make sure your bus has a bathroom if you think you’ll have to use it. There’s a 55 sol, 22 hours bus straight to Ayacucho if you choose to take that road less-traveled. The company is called Expreso los Chankas and is located on Caceres. One bus leaves at 7pm, but you should take the 6:30am bus to enjoy some of the most spell-binding views in the country.


Finally, one last transport option is the train. You might have jumped the train to Machu Pichu. PeruRail also runs a 10 hour service to Puno that includes lunch. The train departs Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday, and Fridays between April and October. Backpackers might enjoy a luxurious train journey have having roughed it perhaps along the Inca Trail.