Three Unusual Museums to Visit in Majestic Cusco City

There are many unusual museums to visit when you are staying at Pariwana Hostel Cusco. Here is a look at three of the best. Learning about the area through your visits will make your adventurous backpacking trips to ancient sites even more enjoyable. The hostel's friendly staff can advise you on planning your visits.

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Pre-Columbian Art Museum: This museum in the San Blas district is in a 15th-century Inca ceremonial courthouse, later the home of conquistador Alonso Díaz. Themuseum'scollections fill 11 galleries, with hundreds of ancient Peruvian artworks, some dating back as far as 250 BC. Items worked in gold and silver are on display, plus Inca ceramics, stone and wood. There is information in English, French and Spanish. Admission is 20 soles.

Three Unusual Museums to Visit in Majestic Cusco City

Museum of Sacred Plants, Magic and Medicine: Located in Calle Santa Teresa, this unique museum turns the spotlight on healing herbs regarded as sacred by the Incas, including the coca leaf and hallucinogenic drugs. There are 9 rooms with information about plants used in treatments for illnesses through the ages, plus a cafe and shop. All information is displayed in both Spanish and English. Admission is 15 soles.

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Coca Museum: If you want to find out even more about the history of the coca plant, try this small museum in the San Blas area. You can also sample coca tea and buy coca-themed gifts. The information is in both Spanish and English, and admission is 10 soles.

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