every backpacker has a story

Pariwana Cusco is an enormous hostel. It serves as a veritable crossroads for travelers of all types to meet. Not only do you run into compadres from back home, but you’re also exposed to particularly amazing travel experiences. I’ve met my fair share of travelers coming through the Pariwana, and I can say that the stories I’ve heard have inspired me to shift the way I go about traveling. There are so many ways to have an adventure worth not only the money you spend, but the time you invest.


Of all the travelers I’ve met, it’s hard to single out any one to show you what I mean when I say that the diversity of journeys is impressive. From bicyclists to motorbikers, busers to hitchhikers, car drivers to walkers; there seems to be an enormous drove of travelers aching for originality. I can tell you about a few of the backpackers I met coming through Pariwana in Cusco.


As an American, I always believed that a month of travel was a heck of a lot of time; I was wrong. I remember when I first met someone traveling for over 4 months; Jean-Luc from France. His backpack was of the Quechua brand, and it looked worn. He’d been travelling for 4 months on a curtailing journey through Bolivia and Peru. He back in La Paz, and visited the giant Salar de Uyuni. From there he made his way to Lago de Titicaca, and onwards to Cusco. In 4 months! I would’ve thought that 2 weeks would be sufficient!


So, I was even more surprised when I met Beth from Canada. She’d been bussing for upwards of 8 months through all of South America. Now, I can safely say that I was flabbergasted by her stories of Patagonian landscapes, Tango dancing, Bolivian Mines, Chilean soccer matches and Peruvian llama treks. My ideas for travel quickly widened after I met her.

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However, of all the backpackers that I met coming through Pariwana, the most interesting one was Peter from Arizona. He’d been thumbing his way around the world for upwards of 2 years! He’d made his way from Europe down into the great African continent, and hitched a boat from South Africa to Ushuaia in southern Patagonia. This man truly inspired me to consider alternative ways of travel.


All these travelers, these adventurous backpackers that I’d met; I met in my sedentary position in Pariwana’s constantly changing environment.