Tingo Maria city The Entry to the Jungle

From the mountain city of Huanuco, backpackers will find themselves curving around steep roads, eventually arriving in Tingo Maria. Hopefully the road won’t be blocked by mudslides, otherwise you’ll be forced to endure a several-hour-long detour through over an unrelenting dirt road!


Assuming you get to Tingo Maria well enough, you’ll have made the first step into the jungle areas. Tingo Maria sits at the junction of mountain and jungle. Unlike Huanuco, you’re going to feel the lovely warmth, a hint at what’s to come further down the road toward the jungle city of Pucallpa.

It’s advisable not to travel the road toward Pucallpa at night though, because there have been hold-ups targeting tourist buses!

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There aren’t any hostels here, but you’ll find some small hotels and family-run places. The air is humid, but not so humid that your breathing is impeded. Spend your time walking around, visiting the good selection of restaurants or wandering through the market.


Few travellers actually decide to stop here, instead preferring to head directly to the river port at Pucallpa and on the riverboat straight to their hostel in Iquitios. This makes Tingo Maria all the better, especially for those who like to be the only foreigners in town!

The surrounding forest is somewhat jungle. The town is known as the City of the Sleeping Beauty because of a nearby mountain in the jungle that boasts the shape of a woman with an Incan crown.


There are many rivers, waterfalls and caves near town, which make it an especially buy original viagra, attractive destination for the patient backpacker. Just inquire around town how to get to and from. Don’t walk too far into the surroundings, though. You don’t want to frighten the nearby coca farmers.

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Once you have had your fill of this little oasis, you’ll probably be heading onwards toward Pucallpa, and most likely to Iquitos. If you’re not returning from Iquitos in a plane, then you’ll pass through Tingo Maria again, so take at least one of your opportunities to get to know it!