The Nice Beaches of Miraflores

By Morgan Addams

I awoke this morning with a desire to go to the beach. From the Pariwana Hostel, I started to walk west toward the water and away from the sun. Along the way there are many stores one could shop at, literally something for everyone and every need.

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There are also many restaurants, with a wide variety of smells and flavors. So much good food around it’s hard to make a choice of just one to have for breakfast at, not to mention lunch or dinner.


After breakfast I asked my waitress for directions to the beach. She told me to go across the street, find the stairs and walk to the end. I found the stairs, easily enough. I went down the stairs the continued walking down the street. Then up some more stairs, now to cross a bridge, down some stairs, up some stairs and down again.


Finally, the beach. All in all about a 20 minute walk. I found the ocean with beautiful waves coming in. But, no sand, the beaches here are made of medium size, rounded, smooth rocks. Not something a person from California would expect from a beach.


Along the beach, on my left, there are many surf companies offering surf board rentals and surf lessons. Prices vary from company to company, and you can always try to talk them down for a better price. For a board rental the average price was around 25 soles aprox.

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The waves are good for the beginner to the intermediate surfer. I believe it also depends on the time of year you decide to go out. Myself, I am not a surfer so I decided to head to my right, for a less crowded part of the beach. I found people fishing on a pier, with only string, no fishing poles. I found it a bit odd, but all the fishermen seem to have a really good and successful technic.


I kept walking and found a quiet spot where I decided to do some rock staking and meditation. The waves coming in and the rocky beach made a sound I just can’t put into words. I stayed there all day and then watched the sunset; the only word I can come up with is beautiful.