The Beautiful Mancora Beaches

Sitting in the north of the country not far from the border with Ecuador sits a beautiful beach town that every backpacker will eventually want to visit. Perhaps it’s because the chill of the mountains or the stiff heat of the jungle has pleased you plenty, and you want a relaxing break under a tropical sun with a breeze. So, it’s off to Mancora for you.

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The town has a humble beginning, but nowadays it’s a traveler’s heaven. Sure, there are some resorts for no prescription cialis those who are willing to dish out a little more cash, but Mancora is for anyone and everyone. Long swathes of sandy beach, the high sun shining year-round, and crystal blue waters stretching far out into the Pacific make for a great setting.


It’s a popular destination for Peruvians and foreigners alike, but thanks to its distance from the normal tourist trail of Lima-Arequipa-Titicaca-Cuzco, it’s not completely overwhelmed by visitors. An overnight bus from Lima will bring you the 18 hours north. Otherwise, you could swing a double-header and brave the 42 hours from Cuzco. Mancora is just 2.5 hours south of the border with Ecuador at Tumbes, and 3 hours from the region’s transportation hub at Piura.

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The town has hostels and clubs galore for the common backpacker. You’ll easily make friends there, as everyone is looking to have a good time. There are all manners of things to do, including watersports. That’s right; welcome to the best place to surf in the country. You’ll find over 30 beaches to lounge on, not least among them the tranquil Las Pocitas Beach.


Peruvian accommodation is top-notch here, so you’ll be comfortable as you sleep off that righteous hangover you earned from the night before. Hell, you could even rest it off on the beach, a cold beer in hand, soaking up the rays. The days are hot, particularly in the summer months from December to April. Throughout the other months, the air is dry and the sun is always out. The breeze dies down in the summer, but at least you have the ocean to cool you off!

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There are plenty of options for camping along the beach as well, if you’re ok with a sandy tent! Just make sure to pack it all out, keeping the beaches as pristine as you can. The night generally sees the rain fall, which makes the party experience all the better, with the water smiting the heat from the day. Mancora is THE tropical beach destination in Peru, and it merits its wild reputation!