Pariwana's Best Bar Nights

Pariwana Cusco’s bar is a great place to socialize and meet other adventurous backpackers traveling through South America and Peru. The artwork is big and dominating, and the tables are large, not unlike the tables you might find at a German beer fest.


The music is a continuous playback of popular songs, mostly in English. They’re the kinds of songs that you look drunkenly at your friends and say, “Hey! I love this song!”


The bar is more than just a bar. The Pariwana staff have made it a fun, interactive experience wherein you can test your knowledge in games, test your liver in games, or test your motor skills in games.

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One of the best bar nights Pariwana has to offer is the pub quiz and bingo. The questions range from current events to local know what. They ask popular culture questions too. Bingo is a classic, and for a drunk party of backpackers, its monotony is somehow relaxing, especially if you’ve already sent your energy on visits to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.


Drinking games are always a welcome feature for an anxious traveller. Sure, it’s nice to sit around and chat over a well-mixed pisco sour, but when it comes down to it, humans enjoy a good competition. The drinking games are fun and engaging, and the big wheels on the wall add to the magic of the party, making the games a tid bit more interesting.


A night to remember will be the crazy speed dating night. You’ll have to make sure you at the hostel when it’s close to full, because they only get the dating going when there are a lot of participants. High season is key. This is a superb way to break the ice with other hostellers. Meet guys and girls, share some drinks, some stories, and perhaps you’ll eventually make a special friend.

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The bar scene is good in Cusco, but it’s nice to know that the in-house entertainment is up to par and probably as enjoyable, if not more, than the local night out!