This is what it means Pariwana!

By Morgan Addams

My first week in Lima was a disaster. Lost the woman I loved, and she took all my money with her. One day I shall tell that story, but not today. Instead I will tell you a little bit about the Hostel I now call my home in Lima.

Starting from the moment that I decided to find a new hostel to stay at, in Lima. I walked for a couple of hours going from Hostel to Hostel and none seemed to be the right place for myself. As I was trying to find another hostel, getting the address wrong I stopped to ask for directions. I did not speak Spanish and the woman I asked did not speak English, but she grabbed me, walked me the Pariwana Hostel. Located in Mira Flores making Pariwana, the perfect place to setup basecamp, before exploring the rest of Lima.


The Staff at the front desk were very nice and pleasant to speak with. I immediately felt a calmness, a feeling of warmth, like one who enters his home after a long days work. This hostel has best internet connection and access, compared to other hostel that i had visited. With hot water, showers, free breakfast, teas, coffee and an inexpensive laundry service. The beds are comfortable with your own to store your things for safety, although I never once felt that anything was unsafe within the hostel.


There is also a kitchen for anyone to use at anytime. But for me, I preferred the bar/restaurant attached to the hostel, with good prices, very good food, great cooks and friendly professional bartenders. They also have computers for the guest to use, bikes to rent, a T.V. room for watching movies and plenty of outlets available to charge all your electronic devices.

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Now for the rooftop courtyard with lots of seating and a lot of games to play. There is something for everyone, whether you are staying for one night or two week. This area of the hostel is where I spent most the majority of my time, not for the games, but for all the travelers that I had met.


With my particular situation of losing everything, I still felt comfortable and free discussing with staff and fellow travelers, all strangers at first. Everyone was eager to help, giving me advise, suggestions, and opportunities to better help me with my own travels. For their empathy and compassion in dealing with and helping my situation, I will be forever grateful. I hope that one day I will be able to repay them for all their kindness.

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The environment of this hostel just seems to make people very happy and friendly. Everyone that I met seemed comfortable and very open to all types of conversations, no matter what country or culture you come from or language you speak, everyone is family at the Pariwana Hostel.