Pariwana, Best hostel in Peru & 2nd in South America

Since the start of Pariwana Hostels we have been working hard and with a lot of fun. This has resulted in receiving two great awards for all the effort we put into spoiling our backpackers with a true Peruvian experience. We are proudly winner of the Hostelworld Hoscar award 2010 for "Best 2010 hostel in Peru". Besides that, Hostelbookers also awarded us a very prestigious price for becoming the 2nd best hostel in entire South America 2010 if it comes down to great atmosphere. Hostelworld: Best hostel in Peru Hostelworld awarded us the Hoscar ( Customers Annual Ratings) Award for being the best hostel in Peru 2010, for our Pariwana hostel Cusco. The Hoscar awards have been held for over 8 years now and always rate on the following categories: character, security, location, staff, fun and cleanliness. hostelworld award 2010We are constantly working on entertaining our visitors during their stay in Peru with our great Peruvian culture. In both our Lima and Cusco hostels we provide the best location, great local food, cheap drinks, amazing costume parties, live music and very high cleanliness standards. Furthermore, we have warm showers and an unlimited amount of activities, DVD’s and fun in our unique and artistically decorated locations. With this under our belt and a lot of hard worl we are determinded to go for number 1 again this year for all our locations! You can find the formal listing of our award of Hostelworld right here. Hostelbookers: 2nd best hostel in South America That we know how to party is nothing new for us, but winning the 2nd price in Excellence from Hostelbookers in the entire continent for our atmosphere has been a great achievement for our Pariwana hostel Cusco. It makes us proud of our great staff and awesome backpackers that create this great relaxed travelling atmosphere any hostel should have! Our open sunny courtyard in Pariwana Cusco and our huge roof terrace in Pariwana Lima make sure backpackers can socialize, enjoy some music and build up their energy for the plentiful activities around. This relaxing environment contributes hugely to the relaxed atmosphere you get from Pariwana, especially with the enormeous amount of entertainment we’ve set up to keep everybody happy. In the evenings our Peruvian based kitchens and lively bars create a sound start-up for the upcoming party. It is more than normal for all backpackers to gather, play drinking games, some pool or a pub quiz before kicking off the party with live music, or heading out for a pub crawl with fellow travellers in the lively nightlife scene around our locations. You can read more on the Hostelbookers award we won on the award site of Hostelbookers.