Miraflores´s cafes

I arrived in Peru, a country many travelers visit in order to embark on multi-day treks without any contact with civilization, lugging a laptop and a fair amount of work to get done. Lucky for me, staying connected in Miraflores is particularly easy. There’s wifi at Pariwana, so I can type away while watching the comings and goings in the Óvalo. If I feel like moving outside, there’s wifi in Parque Kennedy.

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But given the current wintry weather, there’s nothing better than working in a café, kept company by a steamy cappuccino. One of my first stops was Dédalo by Parque Kennedy. They sell fair trade handicrafts upstairs, and a gorgeous selection of ceramic mugs is on display behind the counter.


A little farther from Pariwana’s central location is Librería El Virrey, one of the most charming bookstores I’ve visited in any part of the world. Coffee, tea, and sandwiches are served in a small sitting area in the front of the building. Once I was well-caffeinated, I spent the afternoon leafing through the exquisite photos in their architectural design books.

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Finally, Café San Antonio has two locations in Miraflores (one by the Vía Expresa and the other near the border with San Isidro). It feels like a place to see and be seen—the ladies who lunch of Miraflores gather here. There’s an extensive food menu, and they also have flakey pastries, fine chocolates, and imported cheeses on display to tempt visitors.