Lima's Travel Hubs

Lima is a sprawling metropolis of 8 million people. Giant cities are usually a traveller’s nightmare, but Lima doesn’t have to be yours. The places you’re going to want to visit are easy to get to from Pariwana Lima, and they’re quite centrally located. The pressure builds as you start to plan leaving the city, and for good reason, because Lima’s travel hubs are scattered all about! Read through this post to understand the basics of Lima’s travel hubs.


First of all, you’re probably going to be arriving via plane at the Jorge Chavez International Airport. The airport is in the northwest of Lima metro, in the port city of Callao. It is about 45 minutes by taxi from Miraflores, where Pariwana is located. From the airport, you can choose to take a taxi that will cost from 40 to 60 sols, or you can choose to leave the airport and take a taxi from outside the fence that will cost 20-35 sols. Of course, going outside the airport is considered a bit more dangerous, so it’s up to you. You can leave the airport and jump on a bus that is headed to the city center, and from there jump on a bus bound for Miraflores. This option is cheaper, but takes much longer, and doesn’t provide the same safety a taxi might.


Pariwana hostel offers a 55 sol taxi service back to the airport, so you’re covered there. In fact, taking taxis to your travel hubs is going to be the surest way to get to where you need to get. You can spend the time figuring out how to get to hubs on the metropolitan and city buses too, which is cheaper and more time-consuming.

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When we say “hubs” we’re talking about the fact that Lima’s individual bus companies are not centrally located. They are however located in somewhat close proximity to one another. The majority of bus companies are located in La Victoria, which is considered a dangerous place to walk around alone, especially at night. This means TAXI it. The more reputable companies are located on Javier Prado (like Cruz del Sur, which Pariwana can reserve for you), and also on Paseo de la Republica, which is a straight shot from Pariwana Lima. In fact, at the intersection of 28 de Julio and Paseo de la Republica, there is a cluster of several companies including Civa and CIAL.


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Don’t let the immensity of the city get you down. Just remember that your adventure is just beginning, and a little logistical concern isn’t going to dampen your backpacker drive!