Lima's Markets

The price of food in Lima is much greater than elsewhere in the country because the city’s cost of living is much higher. Although the quaint markets of the Sierra villages offer the atmospheric prestige, Lima offers the same stuff. You can find most everything in the capital.

This makes Lima an important base of operations for any backpacker who’slooking to undertake the treks and Peruvian adventures waiting out there. Otherwise, Lima is the perfect place to end a trip before the flight home for its selection of souvenirs.


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Lima’s markets are various and vast. If you’re staying at the Pariwana in Miraflores, there are a few markets you’ll want to check out in the near vicinity. The Surquillo market is the best place to go in order to find the traditional everything. Food and culinary ingredients abound in abundance. The market sits just across the Via Expresa from Miraflores, a 5 minute walk from the hostel. There, you'll marvel at all the fruit, vegetables, nuts and meats that you’ve already seen elsewhere or that you will see again in the mountain towns. There are also plenty of cookware, like giant wooden spoons, which could make for a great present!


Also nearby the hostel are the souvenir markets. There are 3 or 4 of them in total, and each one it packed full of trinkets, models, effigies, photos, postcards, typical Peruvian clothes and wares. Across the street from the artisan markets you’ll find the artists’ shops. You’re granted an amazing selection of artwork from these local sellers. You can find art of any style and of anything and buy generic cialis everything Peruvian.


As for the big local markets outside of Miraflores, Polvos Azules is the most popular in the city. You can find, literally, everything; from clothes and shoes to giant HDTVs and mobile devices. As the most organized pirated merchandise indoor market in the city, it makes for not only a good place to purchase cheap fare, but also to experience a market that otherwise might not exist where you come from. On the roof you can find some cheap restaurants all of which specialize in cebiche.


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There are other markets, and you can visit them at your own risk, since they are situated in parts of the city that are a bit more nefarious. Gamarra is one such market, and you can find all sorts of pirated electronics and cheap fake clothe brands.


Lucky for you the Pariwana team knows all about this stuff, so just inquire and bam, you get your next adventure.