The amazing wildlife of Islas Ballestas and Paracas exotic beaches

On your way from Ica to Lima, you can find the beautiful “poor man’s Galapagos” islands, called the Isla Ballestas. Only an hour from Ica, this trip can run you between S/.30 - S/. 50 soles. I paid S/.50 soles, including the boat ride to the islands. There is a hidden charge of 12 soles, which is a required tourist tax.

Once you arrive in Paracas, you hop on a boat, see the most gigantic jelly fish you’ve ever seen in your life, and get ready to see all the incredible wildlife on these islands. You’ll likely first see the “Candelabro” figure in the sand, and then move on to see thousands of pelicans on the island.

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The real adventure comes when you see the sea lions on the shore. Hundreds upon hundreds, all basking in the sun. Then the best part comes: the penguins. They are wiggling their way down to jump into the cool water.

The best part is when the boat goes to the ‘maternity ward’ of the sea lions. You can hear the babies’ sounds and all the sea lion sounds. Although the tour is only two hours, it’s plenty of time to see all the incredible wildlife.

The amazing wildlife of Islas Ballestas and Paracas exotic beaches - (2)

Once you are back to shore, there of plenty of places to stay in Paracas. I chose Icthus hostel – a family owned place with a great atmosphere. However the choices of activities are somewhat limited compared to Pariwana.

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Anyway, I chose a paddle boat for an hour for the price of 20 soles off the coast, but other watersports activities are limited.Santorini. The rooms are clean, spacious and comfortable. Breakfast is quite nice (jam, bread, fresh fruit and yogurt) for S/.6 soles. One day and evening is enough for Paracas. You don’t need to stay there, but if you are going to see the islands, it might be a nice getaway before heading to Lima.