Huanuco The City of Eternal Spring

You’re probably going to be arriving to Huanuco on your way to or from Pucallpa. Huanuco boasts one of the best climates in Peru, or, at least according to its residents! Seriously, you will probably feel great in the gentle warmth and cool evenings of the city. The central plaza has towering trees and plenty of benches for sitting to some people-watching.


There might not be many hostels in town, because Huanuco isn’t usually visited by backpackers, but it’s surely a lovely place to stop for a day or two. Don’t expect rushing colonial architecture, because there isn’t much left. However, what the city lacks in architectural charm it makes up for in its wonderful location situated between giant rolling hills.


Nearby you can find something that is really quite precious. Well, precious is the word that describes one of the oldest signs of human habitation in the Americas. The Temple of Kotosh, also called the Temple of the Crossed Arms, sits 4 kilometers outside of town. You can jump a number of collectivos to get there, just ask around or inquire at the central tourism office. A taxi will run you up about 10 sols.

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The temple is said to be 5000 years old, which makes the temple one of the earliest signs of civilization on the continent. Inside you’ll find mounds in the form of pyramids, like a mini Cairo. In part of the complex you’ll come across a chamber that has a big mud statue. The sculpture is of crossed arms, which gives the temple its name.


You won’t find the experts in accordance with what exactly the arms signify; some insisting they represent sacrifice and some saying they represent protection from enemies. At least they’re interesting to look at!

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The site doesn’t have any ancient vestiges of occupation, so the experts agree it was ceremonial. In any case, it makes for a good excursion from Huanuco. Back in the city, you might enjoy running out to pfizer viagra a local bar, seemingly being one of the only foreigners in town!