Eat safe in Lima with our practical food-tips

No matter where you go in the world, a person needs to eat! Hence, the questions quickly turns into; how is the food in Lima, is it spicy at all, what should I avoid, is everything clean and fresh and what to do when the food decides to turn on you? Here you will find all the ins and outs, giving you the heads up about our great food and restaurants and where to be a bit more careful to stay best friends with your stomach.

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New food, new environment

Sometimes, the stomach isn’t our best friend when eating in new place, but is it always the fault of the restaurant? No, not always! If you are new to Peru it could happen that your body is just not very happy with the microbes in your new environment. In that case it does result in some stomach issues. You might have encountered these type of problems before when arriving in a totally new environment. As you then know, it just takes some time to let your body get used to it.


Peru, land of seasonings and spices

Peruvian food is much more seasoned than many other foods in the world. Its magic lays in here, the tastiness of Peru’s cuisine comes from many different combinations of seasonings and spices. Keep this in mind and eat moderated at the beginning. If you have a lower tolerance to this type of food, be a bit more careful, but in general don’t worry about, just enjoy it! Eat-safe-in-Lima-with-our-practical-food-tips---Pariwana-Hostel-02

Is everything spicy? In general Peruvian food can be served quite spicy, but you can always ask for milder or not spicy versions. And luckily not all Peruvians like spicy food, so it is the most normal thing in any restaurant to add your own spices and hot sauce. So if you don’t like spicy dishes, don’t worry at all, there are plenty of non-spicy alternatives or milder version of the spicy dishes.


Choose your restaurants well As in any other place in the world, there are of course places that offer less than ideal sanitary conditions, or those that give a poor hygienic impression. Make sure you check this before you decide to sit down and order something. Or you can just ask our international staff for recommendations on top value restaurants in the city where you don't have to worry about the conditions behind the counter.

Keep in mind that in especially the smaller restaurants you can sometimes look into the kitchen from where you are sitting, a perfect indicator to decide on where to eat!

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How fresh is the food? Almost all served products in Lima are prepared fresh! The seafood comes straight out of one of the most productive oceans of the world right in front of Peru, the Pacific Ocean. Furthermore, all fresh fruits and vegetables come out of a big number of valleys surrounding Lima. This signifies you only get a variety of fresh top quality foods anywhere you eat in Lima, or Peru for that matter!


What to do when you get sick? Sometimes you can not avoid a little upset stomach, with the new Peruvian food and drinks wanting to escape your body ASAP! So what do you do then? Not to worry, just ask our international staff to help you out! We are constantly in contact with new travellers from all over the world and therefore we know as no other what course of action to take. It might take a few days, but after that you are well on your way to enjoy the culinary capital Lima to its fullest again!

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