Magic Water Circuit of lima

If you’re staying at the Pariwana in Lima, you’ll be happy to learn that you’re already set up for a direct bus line to one of the city’s most magnificent nights out. Step out of the front door, take a left and board whatever bus is yelling “todo Arequipa!” One sol should get you to the gates of the Park of Water.


Not to be confused with a water park, the Parque de las Aguas is a vast green area dotted with fountains of all shapes and sizes. The fountains are lit up at night, so that’s when you need to be going. At one of the gates, it will cost you about 4 sols to get in. Make sure you take your camera and a good tripod for this place. From the entrance on Arequipa, you’ll enter the smaller half of the park.


On this half, you’ll find a beautiful rainbow fountain shooting dozens of spouts into the air. Light mist will probably fall on you, but you won’t quite require raingear! On down the walk path through trees and curving concrete you’ll pass all sorts of dazzling displays. One fountain shoots spritzy short water shoots, with the light below the water’s surface change it from red to green and blue.

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You’ll pass a tea cup fountain, a few smaller displays including a perfect geometrical grid fountain, and on to a pavilion of water which you can enter. Going under the tunnel, which usually has an exhibition of some kind, brings you to the larger part of the park. These fountains are massive! You’ll see shoots of water flying into the air, some white and some red. Make your way toyour left to find the orange tunnel of water, through with you can stroll. It’s a trip.

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There is a big platform where a crowd gathers around around. At that platform, small shoots of water sprout up, tempting you to jump them. You might decide to try to attempt running to the center without getting hit by the sprouts, just don’t slip! Perhaps you can catch a concert in the far corner of the park, near a half-circle structured boardwalk which hugs the tallest fountain there. Standing at the right vantage point might remind you of Gochta Falls.Finally, the last and most impressive of the fountains is a line of sprouts that dance and sway to classical music. Or, perhaps you can wait around until they move their stuff to some electronic beats with an accompanying laser show. Any way you swing it, this is a must-do in Lima.


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