The great park of Miraflores

By Morgan Addams

Today I decided to spend the day visiting the parks of Mira Flores. Right in front of the Pariwana Hostel there is John F. Kennedy Park. With plenty of benches, to sit on, and people selling their goods, talents, and crafts. There is also a playground for children to have fun too.

Visit to the Maras Salt Mines

Most backpackers will head out from Pariwana Cusco early in the morning to make the best out of their day. They will hit up all the big ruins, and snap photos galore before coming back to Cuzco.

Surfing the Northern Points of Peru

Late season swells were in full effect when I got back to Lima after a detour to Cusco and Arequipa. Finally, I was back to my favorite place in Miraflores, Pariwana Hostels Lima, to meet a few friends from California for a surf adventure up the coast.

Ecuador - Peru's Northern Neighbor

Ecuador! Ecuador is Peru’s northern neighbor, and tempts all the backpackers with luxuries and surprises of its own. If you have the time, Ecuador is not only worth it, it deserves it! From Peru you’ll probably enter from Tumbes.

Feliz Patrias in Arequipa

Arequipa is an old place that holds close to its Spanish roots.It’s a city in a valley with three massive volcanoes (Misti, Chachani & Picchu Picchu) that have been the focus of folklore and tribal wanderings across cultures past and present.