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  Small trips from Lima (one and two day trips)
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Imagen de muestraLima has plenty of one- or two-day trip destinations to the north, the south and the east of Lima. To the North the main place to visit is the citadel of Caral (km 185). T o the south you can reach Pachacamac archeological site (km 31), Punta Hermosa beach (km 37), Asia beaches (km 97), Lunahuana river for adventure sports (178km), Paracas / Huacachina for a great diversity of nature panoramic views (245-300km) and Nazca (400 km) for the internationally known Nazca Lines. Finally to the center you can reach Matucana, 75 km away from Lima. 

·         Caral: This pre-Inca citadel is located 185km north of Lima (2.5 hours approx. from Pariwana Hostel Lima). Caral civilization is the largest urban settlement with monumental architecture in Peru. Furthermore it has been established that it is the oldest citadel in all the Americas, as the complex was built approximately 4,700 years ago. Caral has several stepped pyramids, one of them has 30 meters (100 feet) tall and some of them fronted by a circular plaza, temples and residential areas.

·         Pachacamac: This pre-Inca archeological site is located 31km south of Lima away (30 minutes from Pariwana Hostel Lima), in the town of Lurin. This Pre Inca construction, built on the top of a hill in front of the Pacific Ocean was one of the most important ceremonial centers in the pre-Hispanic America, a Mecca that congregate many worshippers from far away to consult its prestigious oracle.

·         Punta Hermosa: This beach is located 37km south of Lima (45 minutes approx. from Pariwana hostel Lima) and is a good place to spend a summer day or try some surfing during the winter (for experience surfers only). During the summer, Punta Hermosa is crowded with life, restaurants and clubs. Around May 1st (on a Saturday) the religious and colorful Fiesta de la Cruz takes place, and all the local people organize a great party that receive plenty of visitors from Lima as well as internationals.

·         Asia: This complex of beaches is located 97km south of Lima (hour and fifteen minutes from Pariwana Hostel Lima) and is a great place for party lovers. Most of the well accommodated Peruvians enjoy their summer in this place. While the beaches are beautiful they are not that special. On the other side, nightlife is superb. All the action is concentrated in the Boulevard de Asia where locals take their sunglass to the parties to continue the festivities until 9, or 10, or sometimes 11 am in the morning.

·         Lunahuaná: A peaceful town located 178km south of Lima  (1.5 hours approx. from Pariwana Hostel Lima) in a small and sunny canyon ideal for adventure sports (rafting, kayaking, mountain biking and hang-gliding). Lunahuaná is also known for its local shrimp, so make sure you stay for lunch. Don’t forget your insect repellent.

·         Paracas/Huacachina/Ica: Paracas is located 245km south of Lima. Paracas is an enormous bay inside a national park full of birds and animal life on beautiful beaches; from there you can take a boat to Ballestas Islands. Ica and Huacachina are located 303km south of Lima. Ica is one of the biggest cities in Peru, nowadays quite important for its agriculture economic boom. Huacachina is an oasis 10 minutes away from Ica, famous for a beautiful boardwalk surrounding the oasis. It has become an important stop in the backpacking route between Lima and Cusco. You can also rent boogies to explore the dunes in the dessert and/or sand-board to check on your adventure sport abilities.

 ·         Nazca: Located 104 kilometers south of Ica (and hence 400km south of Lima) Nazca is famous for the Nazca Lines, which were drawn in the dessert by the pre-inca Nazca Culture between the year 200 to 700 BC. The lines, or geoglyphs, extend approximately in a plane area of 80 km. The easier way to appreciate them is taking a light aircraft in Nazca city for a quick flight above the lines. It is impressive to think how this people constructed this geoglyphs back in the time with very limited (or maybe cero) technological advances. There are many (hundreds) figures, which include simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks or orcas, llamas, lizards, and most importantly, the Andean Flamingo also named as the …… Parihuana!

·         Matucana: Located 75 km away east of Lima, or in a 2 hour car ride, and with an altitude of 2,389 msnm, or 7,800 feet over sea level, Matucana is a local paradise for trekking practices pre your Inca Trail routine, adventure sports or just to appreciate the astonishing landscape of these Andean mountains that lay quite close to Lima.  These are our best ideas on what to do close to Lima if you have available time. Don’t forget to ask the local Pariwana Hostel receptionist for more alternative trips close to Lima or just for more detail on any of the above trips. We can also help you arrange escapes outside the city. 


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