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  Where to eat in Lima
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Alternatives restaurants by food type


Imagen de muestraPeruvian Seafood: Peruvians are madly in love with their seafood. Trying it is a must, and you will have the chance to discover a whole new world of exquisite flavors.

  • ($$) Punto Azul: Excellent local restaurant to enjoy fresh seafood dishes. We recommend going with a companion because the portions could be massive. A few blocks from the hostel.
  • ($$) Canta Rana: Owned by an Argentinean ex-football (soccer) player, the place is decorated with all the owners’ treasures from when he was a player. The restaurant is located in Barranco.
Peruvian Criolla:
  • ($) Pepe’s: This small but traditional restaurant is famous for serving the Peruvian “Anticuchos”, which are meat brochettes marinated in a delicious local sauce, usually comes with a side of baked potatoes. Try also the desert companion called “Picarones”.
  • ($$) Tradición Chami: This restaurant serves all type of traditional Peruvian home food (mostly Criolla but also seafood). It’s located a couple blocks away from the hostel.
Chinese (known as Chifa):
  • ($) Chifa is the local name of the fusion between Peruvian and Chinese food (although its taste is basically Chinese). There are plenty of Chifas around the city, and they are known for its convenient prices. Ask Pariwana receptionists for the best Chifa options at walking distance from the Hostel.
Sandwiches & Salads:
  • ($) Pastelería San Antonio: This cafeteria provides quality pastries at convenient prices. Try their gourmet sandwiches, salads and desserts. Everything is recommendable. A couple cafeterias close from the Hostel
  • ($) Pasquale Hnos: Local fast food franchise from the renamed Peruvian chef, Gaston Acurio. Mr. Acurio has done an excellent job congregating all Peruvian typical sandwiches and flavors in his sandwich store. A couple of them close from the Hostel
  • ($)El Enano: Typical local cafeteria with a great variety of sandwiches and natural juices
Coffee Shops: Two good recommendations to take a good cup of coffee.
  • ($)Café La Máquina: Trendy, very  trendy. Great tea menu. Opened until late into the night for drinks and local tapas.
  • ($)Café Zeta: Beautiful coffee shops with young and artistic atmosphere
  • ($) Mama Lola: Located behind Miraflores’s Cathedral, currently providing an all-you-can-eat option of fresh pasta at only 20 soles! We don’t know for how long they will have this special offer.
  • ($$) Antica – Located in Barranco, it is famous for its artisans Pizzas. Perfect for Sunday dinner hangovers.
  • ($$)Dánica – New and modern restaurant with a mix of Italian and Peruvian flavors. Located in the heart of San Isidro around Ovalo Gutierrez
  • ($$$)La tratoria di Mambrino – One of the best restaurants in the city, owned by a famous couple of an Italian and a Peruvian chefs. Perfect to impress someone. Just around the corner of the hostel.
Japanese:  Japanese restaurants in Lima have created a nice fusion with Peruvian flavors. Indeed, top ranked NYC restaurant, Nobu, is based on the principles of this fusion. If you like Sushi make sure you stop by one of these options.
  • ($$) Matsuri Sushi Bar: Around the corner of the Hostel.
  • ($$) Edo: Try their acevichado roll. Wow!
Middle Eastern Arabic:
  • ($) Lashesh: If you like Falafel, Shawarmas (kebabs) or humus there is a great place in Diagonal Avenue right before the “Calle de las Pizzas”, a few blocks away from the hostel.

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going to a Chifa restaurant is a MUST!




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