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Imagen de muestraEvery day might be a good day to try the famous Calle de las Pizzas, only a few blocks away from our hostel. Below you would find a more detail agenda per week day for your choice
  • Monday: La noche - live music, usually Jazz music (free entrance)
  • Tuesday: Bartini (electronic music) and El Dragon (Live music)
  • Wednesday: El Dragón – Electronic music until 2am and then 80’s and more untill the sun comes out.
  • Thursday: Sargento Pimienta and/or Help – 80’s and 90’s music all night long. The entrances are open till 3am but these places usually close at 5:30am. Also try again El Dragon again for diverse music.
  • Friday & Saturday: Many things to do. It will depend on your mood and your piggy bank. We recommend walking around Barranco and Miraflores, checking for bars and pubs. Ask Pariwana Hostel receptionists and barmans for special events in the city and more nightlife alternatives.
  • Sunday: No a good party day, although you can always find something in “Calle de las Pizzas” but mostly all the city rests on Sundays. You are welcome to drink something with us in the hostel bar.
 Downtown Lima’s bar tour: Downtown Lima is full of unique old classic bars of great character. All of them are practically a side of each other. The best place to start is the bar of the Hotel Bolívar, which claims to serve the best Pisco Sour in the city. Next to the Bolívar is El Bolivariano, known for its distinct pisco sours. Then you can visit the German beer hall Munich, the very old bar Cordano, the famous Queirolo and finish the night in Yakana club.


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