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  Downtown Lima
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  • Imagen de muestraPlaza de Armas (Main Square): This is the traditional center of the city. The Plaza is surrounded by the Government palace, Archbishop’s Palace, Lima’s Cathedral and Town Hall.
  • Plaza San Martín: Beautiful and big Plaza with monument dedicated to the liberator of Peru, Don José de San Martin. The funny thing about this statue is that many years ago a sculptor was asked to make a votive flame (in Spanish: llama) over San Martín’s head. It seems he didn’t understand the request that well as the liberator today has a very nice small Andean llama over Imagen de muestrahis head.
  • Iglesia de San Fransisco: This church was built in the 17th Century. The special feature of this visit is not in it but under it, as you can get in the impressive catacombs that were used as a graveyard in the very old Lima. The Church also has a museum of religious art. Entrance: S/. 5.00 (US$ 2.00 aprox.)
  • Parque de las Aguas: This big park located close to Lima’s Downtown, has 13 water fonts and gives a nice show with lights and music. Entrance: S/. 4.00 (US$ 1.50 aprox.) Schedule: From Wednesday to Sunday and Holidays. Shows start at: 5.15 pm, 6.15 pm, 9.30 pm and 10.30 pm


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