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  Where to eat in Cusco
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peru food rocoto rellenoAndean cuisine:
  • ($) La Retama: Despite the abundance of tourist groups found here, the ever-present owner, Marta Quinteros will always make you feel right at home. Located right in front of the Plaza de Armas (the Main Square), this eatery has an great variaty of food and has maintained a genuine Peruvian flare. There´s even a classic buffet!
  • ($$) Pacha Papa: Ready to experience a classic Peruvian dish and culinary experiance? Find a group of at least 12 people for a delicious Andean Pachamanca meal. Pachamanca comes from the Quechua root words ´pacha´ = ground and ´manca´ = pot. Different types of meat, potatoes, corn, and other local products are baked inside of this ¨ground pot¨ which has been stuffed with incandescent stones and is covered with banana leaves. Located next to the San Blas Square in front of the cathedral, a reservation is needed if you´re interested in chowing down on the Pachamanca!
  • ($$) Inkanto: Located a half-block from the Plaza de Armas, Inkanto is a recently opened fusion restaurant inside an old Inca palace that preserves an impressive Inca wall. This restaurant fuses Peruvian ingredients with grill-oriented Italian cuisine. The glass kitchen and live harp music creates a unique atmosphere. Inkanto is sure to become one of Cusco's finest and most popular restaurants.
Andean international fusion
  • ($) Macondo: This half art gallery, half café, located in San Blas was named after the town in the book One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This restaurant brings to life the magical but realistic world described by the Colombian author. Macondo serves inovative dishes such as the delicious alpaca mignon with bacon in a mushroom and white-wine sauce. Take your books- they even have an exchange!
  •  ($) Al Grano: With a much more Asian (not Chifa) flare, this restaurant is located just off the Plaza de Armas. This restaurant has been very well decorated with Cusco’s tapestries and a replica of an Incan stone wall. Al Grano focuses on Asian rice plates at very affordable prices. It showcases dishes from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Desserts on the other hand are more Peruvian than Asian. 
  • ($$$)Ciccolina: International tourists consider this restaurant to be the most glamorous in Cusco. It truly combines the sophistication of international cuisine with the flavors of the Peruvian anticuchos and ceviches. If you´re not looking to drop some serious dough on food, there´s always the option of swinging by the bar for drinks. Who knows, maybe you´ll find the rich and famous dining here!
Sandwiches & Salads:
  • ($)Jack’s Café Bar: By far one of the most popular restaurants in Cusco, Jack´s provides fresh, international meals with sizable plates. Don´t be surprised to find yourself frequenting this bar more than a few times during your stay!
  • ($$) Los Perros: A famous lounge with a trendy Peruvian vibe is known for its delicious tapas and board games. You'll find travelers loafing around with snacks and drinks. In addition to its great tapas, the restaurant has a selection of board games, books and magazines. A great place to just kick back and relax with a few amigos!
  • ($)Pizzas:  You can´t leave Cusco without trying some of the delicious artesian pizzas with Andean cheese and genuine local toppings found in the local Italian and Pizza eateries.
  • ($)Chez Maggi: Maggi serves a bit of everything, from trout and alpaca to homemade pastas to Mexican food. However, it is most famous for its freshly baked artesian pizzas.
  • ($$) Trattoria Adriano: A cozy little restaurant near the “Plaza de Armas”, Trattoria Adriano offers good Italian plates at reasonable prices.
  • ($)Granja Heidi: This vegetarian restaurant showcases fresh, quality ingredients, yogurt, cheese, and quiches that taste like they came directly from the farm. As you can imagine, they mostly serve healthy vegetarian dishes, although the menu also offers amazing meat dishes, like ostrich steak, and other typical Peruvian dishes.
  • ($) Chifa is the local name of the fusion between Peruvian and Chinese food (although its taste is basically Chinese). There are plenty of Chifas around the city; and they usually have convenient prices. Ask Pariwana receptionists for the best Chifa options that are walking distance from the Hostel.
Coffee Shops:
  • ($) Ayllu: With a history of 40 years since its opening, it is rumored that this well established cafe will lose it´s rental contract against Starbucks, who is willing to pay anything to grab this spot with a priceless, five-star view of the Plaza de Armas. For those who love and support the underdogs in legal battles, this is a must-stop for breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner. They have a complete menu which is famous for its asado sandwiches and their lengua de suegra dessert  (which translates into mother-in-law’s tongue).
  • ($$) Café Trotamundos: With a privileged front-view of the Plaza de Armas and main Cathedral, this restaurant has a large variety of sandwiches, rolls, juices, drinks and coffee. Perfect place to warm up with a mate de coca, cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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Alex Bayly

Country: Australia



cerrar el ayllu lo conches!!!



Don Gamal

Country: Austria



estos muchachos vana ser un lindo hotel.!




Country: Peru



Olvide decir q




Country: Peru



Me parece buenisima la informacion!




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