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  What’s the quickest visit to Machu Picchu?
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Imagen de muestraDue to flight, train and bus connectivity schedules you need a minimum of 2 days (or day and half) for a round trip experience into Machu Picchu from Lima. First depart early morning from Lima into Cusco (arrive 7.00am), take a bus to Ollantaytambo (arrive in 9.00 am), take the train to Machu Picchu (arrive in 11.00 am), enjoy the day there and sleep in Aguas Calientes (or return on the last train back to Cusco, although this will limit your visit in the citadel).  Wake up, and if you need to rush you can take a flight back as early as possible to Lima for a day and half visit (Lima-Cusco-Machu Picchu-Cusco-Lima); or alternatively you can enjoy a partial visit to Cusco but be sure to catch the last Cusco-Lima flight which departs at 3.00pm approximately. Although complicated, the day and half visit is doable but restricted to an error-free trip (from the logistic point of view), which might be difficult as plains are delayed by weather and the train are delayed by local strikes. With or without time, you need to visit Machu Picchu, that’s for sure!








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