50 consejos para empacar tu maleta a Machu Picchu

Perú tiene todos los climas del mundo, y esto lo hace uno de los países más complicados cuando queremos empacar para nuestro viaje. Y también, esto lo hace uno de los países más bellos del mundo por su diversidad geográfica.

Requirements: Blog for free bed

Blog for free bed is a project that consists in achieving that the new travelers have a source of information, tips, suggestions and more, that other travelers show on different places of Peru through these blogs.  

Matrimonial suite – Pariwana Cusco

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For Americans: Getting a Bolivian Tourist Visa in Lima

Americans need a visa to enter Bolivia. It’s possible to get the visa at the border, but there are several known scams, not to mention you would have to carry US$135 and all your paperwork throughout your backpacker trip.