Requirements: Blog for free bed

Blog for free bed is a project that consists in achieving that the new travelers have a source of information, tips, suggestions and more, that other travelers show on different places of Peru through these blogs. 




  • 3 articles 4 paragraphs each (4 or 5 lines each paragraph)
  • The article must contain about 250 - 300 words aprox.
  • Write about  Peru (can talk about borders - like crossing)
  • Specific issues about a place, nothing general (How much is the ticket to Macchu picchu?) Or (Getting to Macchu picchu in 2 days without taking train?)
  • Must mention Pariwana at least once in the post.
  • The benefit will be a free night at a dorm for every three articles.
  • Articles must have at least 3 photos related to the topic, you can search in google for the photos in high definition.

Steps to follow

  1. Define topics and send 3 articles for  approval.
  2. Send them 72 hours before the free night, to this gmail.
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Enjoy your free night!!! in a dorm.