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Ecuador – Peru’s Northern Neighbor

Ecuador! Ecuador is Peru’s northern neighbor, and tempts all the backpackers with luxuries and surprises of its own. If you have the time, Ecuador is not only worth it, it deserves it! From Peru you’ll probably enter from Tumbes.

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Feliz Patrias in Arequipa

Arequipa is an old place that holds close to its Spanish roots.It’s a city in a valley with three massive volcanoes (Misti, Chachani & Picchu Picchu) that have been the focus of folklore and tribal wanderings across cultures past and present.

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Green Toad Bus Passes

Local transport in Peru is a great way to backpack around Peru, and the Green Toad Buss Passes make it safe, easy & fun!

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Puerto Maldonado – Capital of Biodiversity

Puerto Maldonado is the gateway to jungle gems like Tambopata National Reserve and Lago Sandoval, but most people pass through in a hurry, never getting the hang of the town and hating every minute of it.

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Pariwana hostel Lima

In active Lima you can find our trendy backpacker hostel right in the epicentre of very safe Miraflores, The hot-spot where everything happens in Lima.

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Pariwana hostel Cusco

Our hostel in Cusco your main stop to travel to Machu Picchu and well deserved one of the highest rated hostels in entire South America by the world’s main hostel booking sites.

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The Essential Peruvian Street Food

You’re already traveling as a backpacker in one of the culinary capitals of the world. Peru’s food is touted as some of the most culturally diverse on the planet, and journeying from the north to south, east and west is one of the best ways to experience this gastronomic wonder.

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This is what it means Pariwana!

By Morgan Addams

My first week in Lima was a disaster. Lost the woman I loved, and she took all my money with her. One day I shall tell that story, but not today. Instead I will tell you a little bit about the Hostel I now call my home in Lima.

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Tarma in the mountain ranges of the Andes

Curving down from the highlands, the bus goes from the treeless heights through winding roads that eventually plop you in the flowery city of Tarma. Indeed, if you arrive during Peru’s springtime, you’ll see terraced landscapes of blue, purple and white flowers.

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Camana in the Offseason

Camana is a popular tourist destination, but not for most international backpackers.  During the summer months of December through March Peruvians flock to this bustling south coast town, flooding downtown hotels and hostels, filling the beachfront accommodations and saturating the beachfront. 

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The Junin Stretch

From Huanuco the road heads up into the high Andes. This is where the immense Junin Lake sits. It is the second biggest alpine lake in the country after Lago de Titicaca.

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The Road to Lima!

Welcome to Lima, which just so happens to be the birthplace of Pariwana hostels. That’ll be your first order of business upon arriving in the Peruvian mega-capital of Lima.

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Calendar List of Festivals in Peru

A perfect way to make your trip worth all the time and money is to coincide it will one of the country’s national or regional festivals.

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Peru Superfoods – Maca: The Natural Viagra

The South American country of Peru is home to numerous beneficial plants, including Peruvian maca root, a legendary sex-enhancing root passed down from the Inca.

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Awakening in the Peruvian Paradise

Peru is an immense country of diverse culture, gastronomy, and people. You simply can’t satisfy yourself completely unless you somehow figure out how to see the entire nation.

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The Jewel of Ayacucho

For those backpackers who have had enough of the hordes of tourists who swarm around Cusco, Ayacucho is a great place to head next.

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Chinese Peruvian Food

Traveling around Peru will have you sampling food in one of the most gastronomical diverse landscapes in the world.

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What to do in The Ancestral Cusco City?

Cusco is a fantastic city with a thriving culture that demands to be explored. My first few days in the city were spent wandering the streets and I thoroughly enjoyed looking around.

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The Peruvian Public Transportation – Using Collectivos

Many cities in Peru may lack a centralized public transit system with underground trains and covered bus stops, but to say that any city of size doesn’t have a public transit system at all would be a mistake. 

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Mancora beach – Backpacker hot spot

Say the word beach in Peru and immediately the name Mancora will fall. Mancora is known for its waves and gorgeous beaches and is located some 1200 kilometers north of capital Lima. A bus from Lima will take you around 16 hours and cost between 120-180 soles aprox.

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The Beautiful Mancora Beaches - Pariwana-hostel-01

The Beautiful Mancora Beaches

Sitting in the north of the country not far from the border with Ecuador sits a beautiful beach town that every backpacker will eventually want to visit. Perhaps it’s because the chill of the mountains or the stiff heat of the jungle has pleased you plenty, and you want a relaxing break under a tropical sun with a breeze. So, it’s off to Mancora for you.

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