Backpack Machu Picchu  

Marvel at the myth of Machu Picchu in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. These great ruins are a true Wonder of the World and are a must see in Peru!

Find out right here what this great experience entails and how to find your way from our nearby Cusco hostel to this magical Inca sight of Machu Picchu.

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Hostel Cusco  

Pariwana Hostel Cusco is located only 2-blocks away from the Main Plaza in a 400-year old colonial house with a beautiful internal courtyard.

The hostel has been renovated around the needs of the modern independent traveller and it has been fully decorated by the local artist Victor Zuniga.

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Hostel Lima  

Enter our Lima hostel and get lost in our artistically decorated building, where even the smallest details breath our fantastic Peruvian culture.

Besides our great chill-out terrace we provide plentiful drinks, and Peruvian meals at backpacker prices. Topped up with a great free breakfast

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Lima, tips for backbackers  

If you are looking for an active day or exciting night, Lima can offer you the lot! Start to learn surfing, hang back in a paraglide, or get up and active in cultural Lima.

Or just relax, enjoying the water park in downtown Lima or one of the many cathedrals with antique building styles from Europe and South America.

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Kuelap & Chachapoyas

Want to backpack off the beaten track? Check out Peru’s northern Highlands, where you’ll find the amazing ruins of the fortress of Kuelap in the middle of the mysterious jungle.

Top this up with one of the worlds’ greatest waterfalls and amazing treks in unexplored wilderness and you can see the adventure of the north lying ahead!

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Nazca Lines & Huacachina  

South of Lima you can explore the Dessert Coast by visiting one of the most atonishing mysteries in the world; flying over the majectic Nazca Lines.

Or stay closer to the ground in fast boats, discovering the Ballestas Islands , or go Sandboarding in the Huacachina Oasis, a stonethorw outside Ica.

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Eating in Miraflores  

Lima is becoming increasingly popular on its culinary highlights. From the cheap eateries on the corner to high end dining, new varieties and flavours keep popping up.

There are thousands of different bakeries, eateries and restaurants to accommodate for a full and varying tasting experience for all type of backpackers and budgets.

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The Gocta Waterfall

On your list of Peru’s must-be-explored natural wonders, the Gocta Waterfall should definately hit your top three! .

The waterfall has an astounding height of 771 metres and has been a well hidden secret for many years untill it got uncovered from Peru’s northern jungle in 2003.

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Since June 30th I have been travelling around Peru and it has been such an eventful, fun journey so far. On 13th July, I visited lake titicaca for 2 days and it was the most idyllic, beautiful lake I have ever seen. Crisp blue water, and great opportunities to walk up the mountains to get […]


On your way from Ica to Lima, you can find the beautiful “poor man’s Galapagos” islands, called the Isla Ballestas. Only an hour from Ica, this trip can run you between S/.30 – S/. 50 soles. I paid S/.50 soles, including the boat ride to the islands. There is a hidden charge of 12 soles, which is […]


Si eres cinéfilo y estás de paso por Lima tienes que asistir a la tercera edición del Festival Iberoamericano de Cine Digital. Podrás ver en pantalla grande largometrajes y cortometrajes de nuevos directores de la región cuyas propuestas van desde ficción hasta documentales. Aparte de la competencia nacional, internacional y de cortometrajes, contamos con la […]


Futbol, or soccer, is the national sport of Peru so you can’t miss a game while you’re in town. I recently went to a game and found out the inside scoop on some of the teams, stadiums and how to get tickets. 1. How can I find out when and where a game is being […]


En la búsqueda incansable de un buen swell donde encontrar olas llegamos a Punta Hermosa, desde Pariwana Hostel Lima se puede tomar un taxi por S/.10 soles hasta el puente Benavides donde salen los autobuses a Punta Hermosa y Cerro Azul por S/.10 soles. Punta Hermosa es solo una hora en autobús si no hay tráfico mientras […]

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Pariwana Hostel Cusco is nominated as one of the 20 best large hostels in the world and wins  the award  as the best hostel in Peru! A profound thank you to all the travelers who have rated and given us valuable feedback during the years. We rely for our backpackers and continue committed to constantly improving our services […]

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Pariwana Hostel Cusco gana  el premio al mejor hostel en Perú y es nominado dentro de los 20 mejores Large hostels del mundo! Gracias a todos los viajeros que nos han dado sus ratings y sugerencias para ayudarnos a lograr estos reconocimientos. De parte de todo el equipo Pariwana queremos agradecerles por reconocer nuestro esfuerzo para […]

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Nunca pensé que iba a encontrar una ola tan divertida en el mismo Lima! En el mismo distrito que se encuentra mi hostel favorito en Pariwana Lima caminando llegamos a la playa de Mahaka, la playa perfecta para practicar surfing para los principiantes e intermedios. Hay muchas olas siempre y después del espigón se forma una como […]

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There are many unusual museums to visit when you are staying at Pariwana Hostel Cusco. Here is a look at three of the best. Learning about the area through your visits will make your adventurous backpacking trips to ancient sites even more enjoyable. The hostel’s friendly staff can advise you on planning your visits. Take a look about […]

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Peru has one of the world’s most ancient surf cultures, dating back thousands of years. However, its beaches have been little-known to the rest of the world — until recently. Over recent years, international surfers have been catching up on what is on offer here, with Punta Hermosa being one of the most celebrated areas. […]