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Crossing between Peru & Ecuador

You are thinking about going to Ecuador after Peru? Well then this should be a good read for you with some practical pointers to get from A to B.

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The Great Peruvian Desert

Ica lies just 4 hours south of the megalopolis of Lima. You might feel anxious to get into the Andes to see Cusco and Machu Pichu, but if ever you’re to take a bit of advice, take this advice; slow down and check out the traveler’s heaven of Huacachina.

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Best Recommendations to explore Kuelap, Gocta & around

Looking to explore the undiscovered jungle of Peru? Well, here we have some very practical tips to backpack to and around the Northern Highlands.

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The deep Amazonian jungle; Pucallpa & Puerto Maldonado

Most of the eastern part of Peru is covered by endless miles of jungle, ruled by the laws of nature and the world’s longest and mighty Amazon river.

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every backpacker has a story

Pariwana Cusco is an enormous hostel. It serves as a veritable crossroads for travelers of all types to meet.

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Pariwana hostels was awarded the certificate of excellence 2016 – 

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Mistura – The largest food fair in Latin America

Maybe you’ve already heard that Peru is South America’s gastronomic marvel. Indeed, Peru boasts some of the most diverse food in the whole world.

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Speaking like a Local

At Pariwana hostels, you can impress other guests and the staff by learning a bit of the local Peruvian slang. Just like in every country and region, the local variants of language tend to differ from their immediate neighbors, and even more from their more distant ones.

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Backpacking in the ruins of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, according to us the most amazing world’s ancient gem, towering out impressively over the Peruvian jungle and endless mountains.

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The Northern Highlands

Want to travel off the beaten track? Then check out Peru’s northern heritage! In these majestic Northern Highlands you find yourself on a challenging and deserted backpackers track.

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Where to eat in Miraflores for the right price

Lima is becoming increasingly popular on its culinary highlights. Thousands of different bakeries, eateries and restaurants accommodate for a full and varying tasting experience for all type of backpackers and budgets.

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Iquitos, the center of the mighty Amazon

Iquitos, a backpackers gem, and the world’s largest city on the planet without any access by regular roads. Laid out in the middle of the great South American rainforest, it is absorbed by dense jungle, wildlife and adventure.

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Great Museums in Lima – the peruvian History

On my third day in Lima, I decided I needed to venture out of Miraflores. The super-helpful staff at Pariwana told me it would be about 10 soles to get to Pueblo Libre, home to two of Lima’s best museums.

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Taking the Train to Machu Picchu

Cusco opens up to your eyes as you arrive from the east over the Andes, the valley city careening like a meniscus from its slopes down to the airport and city center.

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Avoiding dangerous situations and scams in Peru

Peru is one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse countries.  With plentiful ruins from nearly a half-dozen ancient cultures, four distinct climate zones, and a number of gorgeous modern and colonial cities, one could spend a long time exploring all the country has to offer.

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Why Work at pariwana

Travelling around is only as great as the people you meet. Yes, the scenery and the ancient stories hidden in the architectural wonders are of course our reason for traveling in the first place, but those things are made infinitely more wonderful thanks to the good times we share with other backpackers we meet at hostels.

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A Bit of Covert Campaign in Carhuaz

The drive from Huaraz through the Callejon de Huaylas valley is pleasingly picturesque. The white-peaked Cordillera Blanca to the east parallels the drastic black hills of the Cordillera Negra to the west, and your road skims between them in the low valley.

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Pucallpa – Finally, The Amazon!

You’re finally here! The Amazon rainforest! Perhaps it’s not quite what you expected. In fact, it looks an awful lot like a giant city filled to the brim with mototaxis.

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Packing for it all – Climates of Peru

Peru’s climates vary to the extremes. From the northwestern coast’s sun-pounding humid heat to the freezing cold found at Lake Titicaca, travellers will encounter all forms of air and temperature.

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Huaraz & Beautiful Lake Churup

Welcome to the “Switzerland of the South”. The natural offerings around Huaraz are magnificent. Every backpacker needs to make their way there to see at least one of the surrounding sites.

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Amazon Legends

Over the years since the Amazon Basin has been developed, it has mixed indigenous lore with that of settlers and developed its own rich frontier culture.

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