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Gocta! world’s tallest waterfalls

In the far north of Peru, backpackers have the choice of undertaking an exciting excursion to visit one of the world’s tallest waterfalls. Catarata Gocta has an interesting history.

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Best Tips to Use the Metropolitano

Lima is one of the biggest metropolitan centers on the continent. With over 8 million people, you really wonder how the heck everyone can go about every day in those crowded, loud minibuses.

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Trekking in Ancash

From Huaraz, there are many treks to consider, such as the Churup Lagoon. Visitors might opt to head north through the Callejon de Huaylas to Caraz to see Laguna de Paron, or perhaps they’ll opt for the drive across the park to pass the Lagunas Llanganuco.

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Enjoy Leimebamba and The beautiful Laguna de los Condores

If you find yourself in or around Chachapoyas it’s either because you had enough time to add this destination into your itinerary after seeing Machu Pichu and Cuzco, or it’s because you’re the kind of backpacker who really wants to see something a little less-popular.

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Chavin’s Ancient Trading Grounds

Not far from Huaraz, there is an ancient set of stones dominating the bend in a river. Chavin de Huantar sits in a deep valley, surrounded by soaring cliffs and hills.

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Should You Stop in Urubamba?

Cusco is just the beginning of an adventure to see all the great Incan ruins of the Sacred Valley. Pariwana Cusco is a superb place to get you ready,
and possibly to team up with other backpackers to head out into the valley.

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Magic Water Circuit of lima

If you’re staying at the Pariwana in Lima, you’ll be happy to learn that you’re already set up for a direct bus line to one of the city’s most magnificent nights out.

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Lima’s cuisine and its international influences

Probably the best way to describe Lima is “the culinary centre of Latin America“. Combining national and international flavours, spices and delicacies to keep its growing culinary reputation high in the air.

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Places to go around to Pariwana Cusco

From Pariwana Cusco hostel, you’re close to everything in Cusco. It’s really redundant to point that out, because once you get there, you’ll see for yourself that Pariwana’s Meson de las Estrellas is a quaint street connecting to Plaza San Francisco.

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Tingo Maria city The Entry to the Jungle

From the mountain city of Huanuco, backpackers will find themselves curving around steep roads, eventually arriving in Tingo Maria.

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Getting to Machu Picchu by Road and Foot

Traveling to Peru should probably entail a visit to Peru’s and one of South America’s most visited sites, Machu Pichu. Cusco lies about 10 hours by road and foot from the bridges that cross the river to the base of the site’s mountain.

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Huanuco The City of Eternal Spring

You’re probably going to be arriving to Huanuco on your way to or from Pucallpa. Huanuco boasts one of the best climates in Peru, or, at least according to its residents!

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The Biggest Fortress in Peru

Contrary to popular belief, Machu Pichu is not the biggest stone structure in the country. In fact, the biggest stone structure is located on the opposite side of the country altogether! That structure is the massive fortress of Kuelap.

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Eat and party safely in Peru

Two important and basic needs any backpacker in Peru has, are something affordable and nice to eat and a good place to party hardy from time to time. Peru excels in both aspects in many ways, with a lively party scene at night and culinary highlights throughout the day.

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Pariwana’s Best Bar Nights

Pariwana Cusco’s bar is a great place to socialize and meet other adventurous backpackers traveling through South America and Peru. The artwork is big and dominating, and the tables are large, not unlike the tables you might find at a German beer fest.

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Miraflores the backpacker hub of the city

It all begins with the arrival at the first floor door of Pariwana. Just buzz the button and walk up the spiraling granite staircase to Pariwana reception.

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Leaving the tourist areas

Many cities in Peru have relatively concentrated ‘tourist areas,’ and one way to stay safe is to stick to these areas places, call taxis from your hotel and use other precautions that may limit your full experience of the city. 

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Hitchhiking in Peru

Travelling across the great ancient Incan lands is going to be a memorable thing for you no matter how you do it. However, if you’re reading this, it’s because you were enticed by the word in the title, hitchhiking. Contrary to popular belief, it can be done.

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10 important rules for traveling on buses in Peru

Unless you came specifically and only to climb the Machu Picchu, chances are you will see a lot of bus travel in this country. Major roads are in very good condition and long-distance buses are much more comfortable than in the US or Canada, for example.

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Sandboarding in Huacachina

Huacachina is located just a few minutes drive west of Ica in Peru’s south. The town itself is an idyllic lagoon surrounded by huge sand dunes.

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Pariwana hostel Cusco

Our hostel in Cusco your main stop to travel to Machu Picchu and well deserved one of the highest rated hostels in entire South America by the world’s main hostel booking sites.

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